The Territory and our Philosophy

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The Estate

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The Estate

Gregorina is situated in the Province of Forlì-Cesena in the Municipality of Castrocaro -Terra del Sole.
Terra del Sole is a small hamlet founded in the XVI century by the Medici, the famed Florentine dynasty, as the administrative and judicial headquarters of their properties in Romagna. The Medici mark is not the only thing this area has in common with Tuscany. There are profound similarities between the two hilly landscapes and both areas boast similar cultivations: on the slopes of the Terra del Sole, you’ll primarily find large stretches of sunflowers, olive groves and vineyards.
Gregorina gets its name from a company-owned farmhouse called ‘Gregorine’ that’s nestled amidst 40 hectares of hilly territory cultivated with vineyards. In 2000, with the expansion of this land to its current size and the progressive renewal of its vines, the company decided to launch production using its own brand. This decision was fostered by Le Tenute di Genagricola’s ample enological experience and the territory’s unique characteristics. Sangiovese di Gregoriana wines were born from this decision; they are a ‘concentrate of excellence’ providing glamour and nobility to the Sangiovese, the territory’s most typical grape.


Sangiovese Riserva – Sangiovese di Romagna

Of the company’s 30 vine-filled hectares, the ‘Dei Fondi’ Vineyard is the one that provides the best results. Here, Sangiovese ripens homogenously on each row of vines that descend the hill that gives rise to Gregorina. It produces highly concentrated fruits; once collected, they are carefully processed for a year, until generating a precious wine that can stand up to any comparison.


Sangiovese Superiore di Romagna

The most frequently cultivated vine in Italy, Sangiovese is used to make some of the country’s most renowned wines. This variety finds an ideal setting in the hills of Castrocaso.  Here, grapes obtain just the right level of concentration and ripeness, giving rise to wines with great personality and character, that have nothing to envy of wine produced in their more highly acclaimed bordering territories.


The Territory

Terra del Sole (Land of the Sun) is a name that certainly describes the hillsides where Gregorina stands. The area’s charm is similar to that of the Tuscan hills and one will surprisingly find special formations called ‘calanchi’ or gullies; these spectacular erosions open profound cracks along the slope lines. The terrain is clayey-chalky and the climate is well mitigated thanks to the area’s nearness to the Adriatic Sea, which is just a few kilometers from the touristic towns of Rimini and Riccione.
Rain diminishes drastically toward the end of the summer and, consequently, grapes benefit from these optimal conditions which allow for prolonged maturation during the entire month of September, so to obtain a high concentration of sugars, coloring substances and aromatic elements (soft tannins).

Our Philosophy

The Romagna landscape’s frank character expresses itself particularly well in our Sangiovese. Various white varieties like Albana and Chardonnay are cultivated in the company’s vineyards, as well as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. We believe that our professional objective, as far as both the vineyard and the cellar are concerned, is to uphold the Sangiovese grape’s potential for quality. We propose two top versions: the first wine with a quasi woody feel is the Sangiovese Superior, created as a fresh, full-bodied wine that’s extremely pleasant. This option is flanked by the austere Sangiovese Riverva, produced by grapes from ‘I Fondi’ Vineyard that’s refined for 14 months in durmast Allier barriques. It’s truly capable of expressing the vine’s character with elegance and complexity.


operational headquarters

Tenuta Gregorina
Via Bagnolo, 104 – 47100
Castrocaro Terme (FC)
Tel. +39 0422 864 511

registered office

Genagricola SPA
Via Trento, 8
34132 Trieste

corporate data

VAT, C.F .;
Isc. Reg. Imp. Trieste
n. 00117120329

Tenuta Gregorina belongs to the wine division of Le Tenute di Genagricola: Genagricola S.p.A., Via Trento, 8 – 34132 – Trieste – VAT, C.F .; Isc. Reg. Imp. Trieste n. IT00117120329 – Share Capital € 219.900.000,00 I.V. Company with sole shareholder Generali Italia S.p.A. subject to management and coordination of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.